Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tim Anderson

Another one to pray for in our family, I am doing fine but our son Timhad a stroke on Monday night of this week, it was of short duration butdid kill off a spot in his brain, they are still running tests and won'tknow the results until Monday night, it affected his left side of thebody and his vision, we think it is what has been going on for the lastfour years with the severe migraines and the falling. Right now he isfeeling ok and they went out for valentine supper after leaving the hosptesting area. They have put him on a medication and will continue tolook for a reason for this problem, I'm afraid it is an Andersonproblem, their circulations don't seem to do well

AnnaBelle Lecy

I just got a call from Floyd Lecy who lives right down the street fromus in Mhd. He was raised in my home as a brother so of course I alwaysthought of his wife as my sister in law, she died this morning at 3 ;30,had fallen and broken 5 ribs and her kidneys and bp just shut down andher breathing stopped regardless of her being in an o2 tent. The kidshad both been called home the day before when she got bad and was inintensive care and they were with her when she died. they are planning afuneral for the coming weekend because the grandkids will come fromCalif and Mpls, Debbi is a non working mom and will stay with Floyduntil everything is taken care of and the he will go home to Calif withher for the rest of the winter. Leonard is going to try and get a ticketon Allegience to go to the funeral, I am not allowed to fly in apressurized cabin right now with the ca tumers but Im feeling fine rightnow and would really like for him to be there, Floyd and he were suchbuddies.