Monday, June 9, 2008

Joyce and Jill Update

It is time to add a few lines about how things are going with us. If Icould feel as good as I do every morning, for the rest of my life Iwould be satisfied. After a good nights sleep I feel perfect. By noonmy heart is tired and I need a nap. I have had to quit the afternoonbridge group as I am tired by that time, I have very little paincompared to most cancer patients and the Megace has shrunk the tumors sothat I have gone from 143 lbs to 117 lbs. Now I have to worry aboutgetting skinny lookig, I am getting a little of the cortisone look but Ican put up with that, it just fills in a few wrinkles. The Dr. didn'twant us to go North this spring as the tmors are surrounded by fluid andthe pressure in the plane affects that. The ride is too long withouthaving oxygen handy (which I am off right now) I do have a machne that Ican plug in, will need to look into getting a converter for the car. Weare going to go to San Francisco if I am in good enough health, for JillBensens wedding, she is 47 and a civil engineer, and we like the womanshe is getting married to. The laws in Calif have changed and now theycan have a wedding ceremony besides the dedication for the insurancesand other work benefits. We are excited to be going west, she is one ofthe special people in my life.We will take three days taveling each way,it is 13 hrs of driving and we will get out and walk each aft, exerciseseems to be the best reliefe from pain for me, we are still playingcards, dancing, eating out and of the potlucks all the time. I think theprayers on all the church chains and the personal ones have to be doinga lot of good because I was given 3 mo last Nov 5 and I am still up andat them but just not quite as fast. Joyce