Thursday, April 3, 2008

Latest on Joyce Olofson

Hey all,I talked to Joyce again this morning.They are 100% staying in Arizona.I’m not sure if the word has gotten around, so here it is:Mom went to the doctors yesterday. It was not a good prognosis.Joyce’s body is no longer producing red blood cells. She was told by the doctor to make a choice with in a couple of weeks as to where she want to spend her days. The doctors were very frank.Joyce has fought prenious anemia (sorry about the spelling Corina) most of her life. But it has gotten much worse the last couple of years.Mom and Dad did go back an forth a bit, but decided to stay in Arizona. Dad felt very strongly about staying there. From the good health care and all the friends around there it makes sense. And a number of the arrangements have been made out there already.Joyce went into the doctors again today for meds to thicken her blood, again.This is the choice the two have made.Please support Mom and Dad in this decision.Mom is fairly week at this point