Monday, September 14, 2009

More Cousins

Mark and Susan Hermodson - Wrigley Field

Mauritson Cousins - Maurice Dyer, James Mauritson, Verna Fricke, Kathleen Huntley, Marsha Waind

Inger Dahl Nornes, David Nornes, Bjørn and Marit Nornes, Elias Nornes, Ida Nilsen, Rønnaug Nilsen, Synnøve Nornes.Ingrid Nornes, Marion and Daniel Nornes

Chelsea Aoki, wife of Scott Hermodson, with Ethan and Kai

Pictures -2009-Miscellaneous

Christopher and Julie Bennes

Tate and Skyler Smith
Joe and Joy Johnson and friend on the left.

Pictures - 2009 - Hermodson

Warren and Mavis Hermodson with Pam and James Henning, Children Kayla and Ryan
Chris and Gail Rautmann

Chad Kjorlien, Amy Hermodson with Eric

Jason Peterson

Matthew and Megan Dimich, Don, Verna, and Joseph Fricke

Kia and Alexandra (Zan) Thrasher

Pictures - 2009 - Dyers

Ruthie (90th Birthday) and daughters Marsha Waind and Beverly Larson Jennifer Larson Roesler - Wedding

Meri and Michelle Dyer

Hannah and Lucy Dyer
Maurice Dyer Family

Pictures - 2009 - Bursheims

Stina Marie Breckenridge and Grandpa Myron Bursheim

Nat Bursheim

Mark Bursheim

Pictures - 2009 - Pearl and Bob Arras Family

Siene Allen - Nikki's daughter
Echo Dassinger

Darren, Echo, and Julie Dassinger

Nikki and Jaime Schielke
Bob & Ginny (Pearl) Arras - 50th Wedding Anniversary Party