Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Reunion History

In 1953 the first family history and genealogy was published - genealogies and obituaries dittoed and put together at the Climax High School.

In 1959, the 25th reunion, a special program featured movies of previous reunions. One hundred twenty-five were in attendance. The 50th reunion in 1983 featured commemorative T-shirts and the baptism of Daniel Zerrot. The program consisted of historical skits of Bernhard's and Bendik's immigration and early pioneer lives. Attendance was 167 including the Norneses from New York.

Because of dissatisfaction with the upkeep of the Farmer's Union Camp facilities, the site was moved to the Fertile Community Center in 1991 and then to Moorhead's Gooseberry Falls Park in 1982 with catered dinners rather than potluck. The day was changed to Saturday to accommodate attendees returning to their homes on Sunday. In 1996 we moved to Elks Point Park on Wall Lake at Fergus Falls. This site seemed to meet all criteria with camping spaces, a shelter, etc. With families now spread all over the world, we were pleased in 1997 to have an attendance of 95 people.

For the 70th reunion we changed back to Sunday and rented space in an Alexandria motel.

A newsletter has been published twice a year since 1987 to maintain communications among the family members. An extensive family history and genealogy was published in 1998 - From the White Islands to the Red River Valley. More genealogical information has been accumulated and the book updated.

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