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Fall Newsletter 2008

The 2008 edition of the Nornes News Notes is ready for mailing. On the previous blog (Sept. 9) you will find several recent pictures I had planned to include in the printed newsletter, but I could not reproduce them in a quality that was worth the cost. I couldn't afford to do them in color, and black and white simply wasn't good enough. Even printing them directly from my computer instead of copying them didn't look good. Instead, I inserted them here where they look pretty good. Below is entire newsletter but in copying it into the blog ,I lost all the format and the graphics so it does not look as nice as the printed version.

50 Norneses Attend ‘08 Reunion
Donations for the bake sale and silent auction ranging from krumkake to Minnesota history books to knitted dishcloths lured Nornes family members into spending a hefty $601.45 to add to the Family Circle coffers for future reunion expenses.

Besides enriching the treasury, the program, featuring Myron Bursheim and news from the families, enriched the attendees spiritually and emotionally, even with the shedding of many tears. Myron Bursheim led the singing of favorite hymns with his 12-string guitar which he plays, he says, “Because I can.” President Lowell Bennes gave a brief devotional on the meaning of love, followed by cousins of the second generation introducing family members and relating what has happened both to them and absent relatives during the past two years.

It was time to elect new officers, a procedure simplified by the practice of the Vice-President, in this case Jackie Nornes, assuming the Presidency and with the privilege of appointing her own Vice-President at her leisure. Through either purposeful neglect, forgetfulness, or the desire to eat lunch, no mention was made of the Secretary or the Treasurer so it is assumed the present officers—Connie Jeffers and Maren Ogdie—will have to continue in their current positions.

Attendees then enjoyed a fried-chicken lunch arranged for by Tammy Anderson and supplemented with family baked goods. The afternoon was spent visiting, catching up on family news, and reminiscing about old times.

Those family members arriving Saturday evening either enjoyed the local VFW cuisine or went out to a fancier restaurant to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversaries of Jim and Nancy Bensen, Howard and Sonia Nornes, and LaVern and Lois Nornes.

Twin Cities in 2010!
After 74 years of annual and now semi-annual reunions being held in northern Minnesota, it’s time to reach out to the wider membership of the Nornes Family living in the greater Twin Cities Metropolitan area.

The following rather rough attendance statistics (of families for whom I have addresses) show why the northern Minnesota site is not necessarily the most convenient nor the most likely to attract participation. There are 50 families in Northern Minnesota or North Dakota, 20 of whom attend regularly, 10 occasionally, 20 never for a 60 percent attendance record. In the Twin City Metro and Southern Minnesota there are 64 families, 10 attend regularly, 14 occasionally, and 40 never for a 37 percent attendance record.

The remaining Norneses are scattered throughout the United States. A half-dozen or so families have attended recently, but most have never attended at all since childhood.

Detailed plans for 2010 have not yet been formulated but an attempt will be made to make the reunion as convenient and entertaining as possible for families from both areas. A site along either of the two major freeways will be given prime consideration with perhaps the major events being held on Saturday afternoon and evening rather than Sunday morning. A committee will begin work this fall to select and reserve a venue. The date for 2010 would be either Sunday, August 8th or Saturday, the 14th, trying to adhere to the second Saturday or Sunday of August. (Look at a 2010 calendar for clarification.)

Troy Myhrer, son of Diane and David Myhrer, to Stephanie Tvieten, April 3, 2005. GP– Berdeen Nornes and Alice Hemmestvedt.

Kayla Marie Kronschnabel, daughter of Dean and Joan Kronschnabel, to Douglas Craig Pierre, Jr., Dec. 16, 2006. GP-Sylvia and Reuben Gullickson.

Diana Ruth Renshaw, daughter of Paul and the late Patty Renshaw, to James Brooks, May 19, 2007. GP– Ruth and Rudolph Anderson.

Amy Louise Kitchell, daughter of Solveig and Wayne Kitchell, to Sean Degerstrom, June 30, 2007. GP-Paul and Norah Nornes.

Haley Gene Fickel, daughter and step-daughter of Robin and Mitchell Aanden, to Jason Mahlerek, May 31, 2008. SGP-John and Arlene Aanden.

Randi Nornes, son of Larry and Joyce Nornes, to Heather Shields, June 12, 2008. GP-Helmer and Karine Nornes.

Jill Katherine Bensen, daughter of James and Nancy
Bensen, to Haile Hayden, July 5, 2008. GP– Gunhild and Malton Bensen.

CORRECTION, Page 2 of Bernhard Genealogy: Louise and Herman were married in 1929.

Parker John Nelson, April 26, 2004, son of Laura and Richard Nelson, GP—Dianne and David Myhrer, GGP– Berdeen Nornes and Alice Hemmestvedt.

Avery Elizabeth Gullickson, Dec. 1, 2006, daughter of Daniel and Sarah Gullickson, GP—Robert and BarbaraGullickson, GGP– Sylvia and Reuben Gullickson.

Victoria Lee Nelson, Dec. 19, 2006, daughter of Laura & Richard Nelson, GP—Dianne and David Myhrer, GGP– Berdeen Nornes and Alice Hemmestvedt.

Alexia Elizabeth Benton, March 23, 2007, daughter of Amanda and Gary Benton, GP– Diane and David Myhrer, GGP– Berdeen Nornes and Alice Hemmestvedt

Alice Mae Renshaw, June 13, 2007, daughter of Jonathan and Anne Marie Renshaw, GP– Paul and the late Patty Renshaw, GGP– Ruth & Rudolph Anderson.

Madelyn Grace Miner, August 18, 2007, daughter of Kristen and Nathan Miner, GP– Mary and Tom Stoltman, GGP-Berdeen Nornes and Alice Hemmestvedt.

Madeline Belle Ruth Liebelt, June 17, 2008, daughter of Nathan and Kim Liebelt, GP– Todd and Donna Liebelt, GGP—Betty and LeRoy Liebelt, GGGP– Ruth and Rudolph Anderson.

Ruby Bettina Nornes, July 21, 2008, daughter of David and Karen Nornes, GP-Howard and Sonia Nornes, GGP-Halvor and Ida Nornes.

In Loving Memory

JOHN KERMIT BENSEN, February 19, 2008, stillborn son of Mark and Amanda Bensen, GP-Kermit and the late Ruby Bensen, GGP– Gunhild and Malton Bensen.

AL KOHLER died July 31, 2007, at Escondido, CA after a long battle with COPD and a short battle with pneumonia . He is survived by his wife Rosemarie Anderson. He attended Seton Hall University and served in the army in Korea and in Europe. He worked for the Varian Association in the San Francisco area, where he married Rosemarie Sept. 27, 1962. Interment was at Eternal Hills Cemetery in Oceanside, CA. (See also family history book, pages 145-6.)

SYLVIA NORNES GULLICKSON died March 2, 2008 at Fertile, MN where she had lived almost all her life. She was born May 19, 1922, the daughter of Carl and Grace Nornes. She grew up and attended school in Climax, graduating from high school in 1940. Moving with her parents to Rindal, she attended a dance in Fertile where she met Reuben Gullickson, whom she married on June 29, 1943. They were both employed in aircraft work in Wichita, KS during WWII. They returned to Fertile, but went back to Wichita during the Korean War. They returned again to Fertile to farm and later purchased and ran the Fertile Laundry and Cleaners.
She is survived by one son Robert (Barb) Gullickson, two daughters—Joan (Dean) Kronschnabel and Mary (Bruce) Gast; one brother Jack Nornes and one sister Margaret Dahl; ten grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by husband Reuben in 1996 and brothers Charles and Harry. Services and burial were at Little Norway Church, rural Fertile. (See also family history book, pages 83-5.)

RICHARD JEFFERS died suddenly August 30, 2007. Born Oct 16, 1944 in West St. Paul, he graduated from Sibley High School in 1962 and Concordia College in 1967. “Richard and I (Connie Nornes) were married June 3, 1967. He came from a small family so he very eagerly “adopted” the Nornes clan. It was very rare for him to miss family Reunion. I think he was awed by our knowing so much about our heritage and how we celebrated our family joys and sorrows. LaVern Nornes still talks about our time in Norway in 1998. Because of Richard, the whole trip is documented on tape.

“In the summer of 2006 we talked about what we would do for our 40th anniversary. I talked Richard into a party because it would be a great excuse for Helmer and Karine’s family and others to come together. Usually that happened only at the time of a funeral. So the planning began. June of 2007 found us celebrating with family and friends, and we had a wonderful time together. For entertainment Richard surprised me and everyone by dressing up as Elvis (with the wig on backwards) and singing ‘Love Me Tender’ to me. It was priceless.
Richard survived a year in Viet Nam and 26 years on the Coon Rapids Fire Department, but he could not live with the depression over the probability of partial paralysis of his right hand. Richard was a self-taught handy man and could build or fix anything. We loved our time at the lake and felt blessed to have that special place. But even that became a burden. We miss his energy and thank God for the man we knew and the memories he gave us. My family and I want to thank you for your love and support.”

Besides Connie, Richard is survived by son Scott (Brenda) Jeffers and their three daughters Hannah, Rachel, and Jordyn; and by daughter Diana (Darren) Kern and their son Alex and daughter Lauren. Services were held at Glen Cary Lutheran Church in Ham Lake with the Coon Rapids Firefighters in their truck guiding the family and friends to the Glen Cary Cemetery.

ANNABELLE EID LECY died Feb. 22, 2008. Born March 31, 1933 in Ada, she grew up and attended school in Gary. She married Floyd Lecy on June 6, 1954, and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Moorhead State College. She taught school in Buxton, ND for two years and Lewis & Clark Elementary in Fargo for thirty-three years. Besides Floyd, she is survived by son Tom (Mary Jo) Lecy, daughter Debra (Dave) Nelson, and four grandchildren: Alexandria and Elizabeth Lecy, and Joshua and Jonathan Nelson. Services were February 28, 2008 at Trinity Lutheran Church in Moorhead. (See also family history book, pages 251-2.)

JOYCE BENSEN ANDERSON OLOFSON, born November 11, 1932, died July 7, 2008 after a courageous battle with cancer, dancing her way through life to the very end. Her final wish was to attend her god-daughter Jill Bensen’s wedding in San Francisco which she managed to do, passing away in the car on the way home to Arizona from the wedding. The daughter of Gunhild Nornes and Malton Bensen, she grew up and attended school in rural McIntosh after which she graduated from Erskine High School and Bethesda School of Nursing. She worked in hospitals in Ada, MN and Grafton, ND. In 1952 she married James Anderson. They had two children, Tim and Cynthia. She was working for the Public Health Nursing Service in Ada when James died in October 1982. In 1987 she married Leonard Olofson. Together they lived in Ashley, ND; Alice, ND; Ada, MN; Moorhead, MN; and winters in Gold Canyon, AZ.

Besides her husband Leonard and children Tim (Hiromi) Anderson and Cynthia (Steve) Rude, she is survived by brothers James (Nancy) and Kermit (Sandy) Bensen, and grandchildren Emi and Bentley Anderson; and Jennifer, Stefanie, and Kristine Rude. She is also survived by a foster daughter Corina Grancorvitz, three step-children and nine step-grandchildren. Two cousins, Floyd Lecy and Roger Nornes, were raised as her brothers as well. She was preceded in death by her parents, sister Meredith, and husband James. Services were held July 19, 2008 at Trinity Lutheran Church in Moorhead with interment in Ada. (See also family history book, pages 283-5.)

RONALD DYER, born September 17, 1943, son of Ruth Mauritson Dyer and Merrill Dyer, died March 19, 2008 at his residence in Aitkin, MN. Living on Farm Island Lake after his wife’s death, he was found by a friend after not showing up for the paper at the local store. He grew up in Moorhead and served in the US Navy. After retiring from the US Postal Service in Minneapolis and St. Paul, he moved with his wife Sandra Jo to Aitkin.

He was preceded in death by his father Merrill Dyer and his wife Sandy. He is survived by his mother Ruth, daughter Shelly (Doug) Argenbright, stepdaughter Judy Christy, brother Maurice (Meri) Dyer, sisters Beverly (Robert) Dean and Marsha (Paul) Waind, grandchildren Colin and Kayley Argenbright, nieces and nephews. Services were held April 28, 2008 at First Lutheran Church, Aitkin. (See also family history book, pages 105-6.)

Addresses—USMail and E-Mail— and the Blog
The attempt to keep up communications among this extended Nornes Family Circle necessitates compiling a directory of current addresses, either US mail or E-mail or both. We now have six generations of Norneses born in this country with a total of 443 direct descendants of Bernhard and Bendik. At Family Reunion this year, I printed out the names of everyone born before 1987. A few more addresses were added there as well as some corrections made. I spend an awful lot of postage on remailing notices and newsletters to people whose forwarding privileges have expired. And e-mail doesn't help if it comes back Mailer Daemon. Therefore, I am listing again the names of people for whom I would appreciate a family member sending me not only the correct post office address but e-mail as well, if possible, and thereby their own e-mail. I will try to communicate as much as possible through e-mail and this blog, but newsletters will still go out to those without e-mail. The printed newsletter will go out to everybody this time to be sure everyone has the information about the blog.

I failed in trying to set up a web page for the family so I have started this blog to post family news and obituaries. Note that while the title of the blog is "Nornes News Notes," getting to it on the web is www.nornesfamilycircle.blogspot.com. In the lower right-hand corner of each post, you can click on “comments” that I will check every day, or you can simply e-mail me in the first place—aanden@aol.com—to send me addresses and genealogy announcements or any other news.

Carmen Bahr, Jeremy Bahr, Jason Chierello, Chad Christie, Erica Dahl, Jeana Dahl, Joseph Fricke, Eric Gast, Kyle Gast, Lizbeth Gustafson, Ted Gustafson, Tara Heard, Nicholas Kronschnabel, Amber Liebelt, Brian D. Liebelt, Elizabeth Liebelt, Michael Liebelt, Jene Nornes, Melissa Nornes, Nathaniel Pass, Kayla Pierre, Michael Velzke, Tresa Waind, Daniel Zerott, Jason Espeseth, Samuel Friederichs, Tyler Knudson, Austin Lawhead, Sarah Lawhead, Erin Lecy, Christy Maxwell, Kevin Lecy, David Maxwell, Robert Maxwell, Laura Myhre, Jonathan Nelson, Joshua Nelson, Richard Nelson, Garret Nornes, Leah Nornes, Jennifer Rude, Matthew Stariha, Byron Taylor, Todd Taylor, Justin Toole, David Toso, Madeline Trelstad, Michael Trelstad

Nornes News Notes
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952-944-1826 Cell-952-270-7039 aanden@aol.com

Jacalyn Nornes

21613 Irene Avenue, Ironton, MN 56455 jnornes@charter.net

Connie Jeffers
416 148th Lane NE, Anoka, MN 55304
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Maren Ogdie
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