Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I've recently joined Facebook and started a Nornes group within it. I haven't, however, started any discussion or posted any news on it. I have found over 20 Norneses already on Facebook or who have joined as a "friend" when I asked them to so it has been fun contacting people I normally don't hear from.

The most recent news is that Gail Hermodson (Mark and Susan's daughter) was married February 9 to Christopher Rautman. Also Michael Dyer (Ruthie's grandson) is married - wife is Jennifer Kunz - and they have a daughter Hannah Ruth.

For the Bernhard family, the Melbo relatives (two couples who are descendants of Petra's niece Malena) are coming to the US the latter part of August. I've never met them but have been corresponding with them for a year or so.

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