Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Relative Contacts

Recently two persons in Norway have found me on this blog and requested information about our family. The first one was Dag Hoelseth who is related through Martha's (Bernt's wife) family and through Jeff Nornes' wife, Kristin Hole. I have sent him the history book and keep track of him on Facebook.

The other one just this week was Lars Asbjørn Nag, related through my generation's great-great grandmother, Kristi Sveinungsd. Idso, wife of Bjørn Larsen Hviding. He really knew very little about the Kvitsøy and even less about the Karmøy connections. I'll get the book mailed to him on Monday. Their English is so good there is no problem in communicating.

I bought a translation program I wanted to use to translate comments from Norway on Facebook. However, it is not working the way I thought it would and am quite disappointed. I may have to try to get my money back.

Planning will soon get underway for August 14th Family Reunion.

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