Saturday, December 15, 2007

Joyce Olofson - medical report

It was so much fun to have Morey and Sandy , as well as all of the restof the family out here, we loved every minute, have to do a littleediting tho, I have never been on estrogen, they are giving me ananti-cancer drug that blocks any estrogen you get from foods you eat,and also any that my body would produce,they feel that cancers feed onestrogen so want to limit it as much as they can, that is why there aresome side effects from this med, I have to take it twice a day, the onlyside effect that has bothered me is the heartburn and they think thatthey can give me somthing to help that--another pill, I am alreadytaking so many that I have to have a list to make sure I am taking themon the right time of day, Guess I didn't talk about my funeral becauseit is old stuff to me, Jim and I planned our funerals when he had hisfirst heart attack, it was so nice to just hand the list to the ministerand say, "take care of this." we will have a small funeral here in ourlocal churche's small room at the main church in Mesa if it happens whenwe are down here and then have a memorial service in Trinity in Moorheadwhere we have our main membership, for our families and friends up therelater in the spring when Leonard goes north. Tim has located the musicfor me and will put it on a disk because everyone down here travels somuch that it is hard to ask anyone to sing, although I do have a coupleof favorite singers who are friends and after the holidays I might seewhat they think about doing it. I feel so good right now that it seemsimposible that I will not last the winter but I have to be realistic andsay that I have not gotten very good time limits from my Dr.s. We feelso lucky to get so much support from our families that I just cant getover the love from everyone.

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