Friday, December 28, 2007

Joyce Olofson Update

The hospice nurse comes at noon very Friday and today she had good newsfor me, I am on an anti-cancer drug that wipes out all the estrogen inmy body and we were hoping to slow down the growth of the tumers andactually when they measured me today I was the smallest that I have beensince coming down here so it must have kicked in and I am not having badside effects so that is lucky. I have no pain and that is wonderful, wego dancing, took the two grandchildren with us last Fri night and theyhad fun, took pics with the band, Bob just graduated from NDSU onFriday beforehe came and Jeni is a Sr at Concordia, they have alwaysbeen like a sister and brother and had a very good time during vac.Tims were too plus all the rest and Cindy is still here so we arecleaning! Both of the extra houses we used are now back in shape! Normanand Brigitte (Leonards cousin who lives down here in the winter) went toa later church service than the rest of us on Christmas Eve so she hadthe dishes done when we got back home--what a gal!

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