Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Newest e-mail from Joyce Olofson

To answer a question about how I'm feeling, this is my week--Today,bridge, wrote part of my book,tomorrow-leader of the bible study atcircle, wed- Erskine bkft, book discussion, writing group, hospice andmed man, and blood test, dancing in eve. Thrs, bridge in am and also inaft, Fri bridge and dancing at night, a breakfast group on Sat morning also dancing on Sat night, Sun church and a morning bkft groupafterward, then in the eve we play bridge and have supper with Karen andEd Wingate, one week at our house an the next at hers--I don'tunderstand why I don't feel ill, the tests were so horrible but I don'treally feel too much dif than usual, at 75 I am allowed to have a fewaches and pains. Cindy just went home yesterday, she had been here for3 weeks this time and she does all the work when she is here, makes mefeel special, and a big thank you to Steve for letting her come. I am sothankful that I can do all the usual things, hope it lasts a long time

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