Friday, March 7, 2008

Joyce Olofson

I went to the Dr on Mon and insisted on having the blood markers doneone more time, Medicare will not pay for it unless you are on chemo andso no other ins will take up the secondary pay, I decided I had to knowbecause I feel so much better than when we came down here, themedications are doing wonders, I now weigh 120 lbs, am ravenously hungryall the time but have pep , dance play cards, cook , have company andfeel normal with no dripping bladder any more, I was getting up everyhour all night long and it was exhausting. The markers are 0-30 normal,30-36 reoccurance of cancer, and my markers when I came down here were507. This time when they took it 4 months later it is 332, that is a 1/3reduction and I am elated . I just hope I can keep going in thisdirection, Tim and my Dr really didn't want me to do this again theywere afraid that it would be hgh and I would be depressed over it, bothof them said "Do you really want to know" well, yes, I am still bossyou know!

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