Friday, March 7, 2008

Roger Nornes

Roger is doing fine. It is 8 pm and Mom and Jackie are with a good friend Paul having supper at a Perkins near the hotel. This morning Dad went into surgery around 7:30 am and after taking the veins for his heart they put him on the bypass machine around 10:30am and replaced the valve (I think it was a pig valve, the long lasting kind) and did a double bypass for good mearsure. At around 2:30 they unhooked him and got his heart going again. They have seen him many times and he responds by letting them know he realizes they are in the room. He will be in intensive care and only time will tell how long recovery will take (they say 7-10 days) but I`m releaved that everything went well so far. We all know that usually these things go well but I don`t want Dad to be one of those "statistics". It`s kind of like holding your breath and now that things seem to be going well it`s time to exhale. Thanks to all of you for your prayers and concerns it`s all greatly appreciated. Mom stayed with Dad overnight in the hospital and had a hard time seeing him off to surgery. Jackie has been super and is keeping me informed which I am greatfull. I would think that they will be tired and hope they get a good night sleep. Do not hesitate to call me anytime for an update 218-687-4252 I feel very blessed that things are going well. love jeff and family

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