Friday, March 21, 2008

Ronald Dyer

From Marsha Dyer Waind

I received news yesterday that my brother, Ron passed away in his home. He has lived on Farm Island lake in Minnesota since Sandy passed away. He was found by one of his close friends after not showing up for the paper at the local store. Ron has been having some issues with diabetes and not always the most attentive to his health-ruled as a cardiac arrest, probably occurring sometime Monday night-Tuesday morning. Ron has 1 daughter, Shelly (yep, named after the town) Argenbright, who has 2 children, and 1 step-daughter, Judy Christy, who lives in San Diego. The body is being cremated and a memorial service will be around April 26. Date yet to finalized as to when girls can come home. I spent the evening with Mom, who received the news with stoic reality. She is doing well soon to be 89. Interested to going's on and active as she can be.

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