Friday, March 7, 2008

Roger - Recovery

I just talked with Mom an hour ago and Roger woke last nite in a confused and agitated state(dosen`t recognize people) and didn`t know where he was and wanted to go home. This has continued this morning when she arrived at the hospital and is still the going on. The Doctors warned that this might happen but Mom thought that if it didn`t happen yesterday that it wouldn`t happen. This apparently is not the case and still falls into the normal range of symptoms. It could last up to three days? He also is running a slight fever and a little gravelly chest. Physically his heart is doing fine and all the tubes in his neck are removed. He ate solid food yesterday but they have since went back to water and I assume tube feeding. He will be in Intensive Care for at least another day. Steve Randall stopped in and Noah took Mom out to eat tonight. Linda will visit tomorrow. Mom seems to be able to drive the short distance from the hotel to the hospital on residental streets? We pray and hope for the best. jeff

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